U. P. Academy of Administration & Management

Visiting Faculty

S.No. Name & Designation & Department Topic Subject Name
1 Gyan Chandra, Retd. Presiding Officer , NHRC Civil Prakriya Sanhita Bhrastachar nivaran adhiniyam, manvaadhikar, dahej nivaran adhiniyam Act
2 Gyanendra Sharma, Ex. Member , State Information Commissioner U.P. Role of State Information Commission- Application of RTI in Good Governance, Act
3 Jagannath Singh, Retd.Jt.Directot , State Planning Institute, Lucknow Quality Management of services in Government Department- janasoochana adhikaaree aur sahaayak jan soochana adhikaaree rke vy evan daayitv., painal diskasan, (kes stadee tatha soochana aayog ke mahatvapoorn phaisalon par-Introducing R.T.I. Act. -Transparency & citizen access - R.T.I. Act,- Gender Sensitization - Overview & Demographic Profile, Case Study, Gender Issues Act
4 P.S. Bhadauria, Sr. PCS ,  U.P. Imposition of Ceiling on Land Holding Act Act
5 R.N. Singh, Retired IAS , Lucknow UP Imposition of Ceiling of Land Holding Act Act
6 Rajesh Mehtani, Additional Management Representative , U.P. Housing Board, Lucknow An Overview of Sevottam for Good Governance, RTI: An Overview, Concept & Components of Good Governance & its implications for civil servants, Quality Management of Services in Government Departments and Introduction to Sevottam Model, e-Governance Act
7 Rakesh Kumar, Retd. Judge ,  Prevention of Corruption Act Act
8 Ritu Singh, ARTO , Transport Nagar, Lucknow Motor Vehicle Act Act
9 S.K. Khare., Retd. Additional Director , Prosecution Directorate Identification Parade Dying Declaration Goonda Act and NSA UP Habitual Offender Act Probation of Offenders Act Gangster Act Proceedings of CrPc 107 110 Act
10 Sanjai Kumar Singh Yadav, IAS ,  U P Consolidation of Holding Act.,Cr.PC 129-132,133 to 144, 145 to148, Criminal Procedure Code, (Cr.PC), CPC Act
11 Sunil Kumar Chaudhry,  , State Information Commissioner U.P. State Information i. Act
12 Tarun Mishra, DDC , Faizabad Consolidation of Holding Act-Issues & Challenges Act
13 V K Tripathi, Jt. Ex.Director , Entertainment Cinematography Act &, Entertainment Act Act
14 V.K. Agnihotri, Research Officer , Research officer, Administrative Refor Directorate Appeal process, Appellate Authority and important decisions of Central Information Commission, case study Act
15 Y.P. Singh, Executive Director , Environment Laws related to Environment, Pollution Control Act Act
16 Brij Lal, Retd. IPS ,  SC/ST Act Act
17 Malay Pandey, Asst. Professor Law , Dr. R.M.L.N.L. University Introduction to IPC and its important features Act
18 Manvi Sharma, Advocate , Supreme Court Sexual Harassment of women at workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 Act
19 Anjani Agarwal, Joint Commissioner , Commercial Tax Dept. Lko GST Act
20 Udit Narayan Pandey,  , ARTO, Sitapur Road Safety and Motor Vehicle Act Act
21 Ashok Kumar Awasthi, Director , JTRI, Retd., Lko Contempt of Court Act
22 Amitabh Yash, IG, STF, Lucknow ,  Cyber Crime Act
23 Awadhesh Singh, Sr. Prosecuting Officer , CGM Court Lucknow Prosecution Sanction Act
24 Devesh Tiwari, Dy. Commissioner , CT, Lko GST Act
25 Sanjay Pathak, Joint Commissioner , CT GST Act
26 Ashok Kumar Singh, Joint Commissioner , CT GST Act
27 Kapil Singh, Sr. PCS ,  GST Act
28 Brijesh Shukla, Retd. IPS , Hardoi Uttar Pradesh Consolidation of Holding Act Act
29 N.N. Singh, Deputy Director , Panchayati Raj, Lko Working of Panchayati Raj Institution 73 & 74 Amendment Act
30 Alok Ranjan, Retd. IAS , U.P. Overview of Infrastructure & Agriculture Scenario of U.P. Agriculture
31 Mukesh Gautam, Ex Director , SIMA Agriculture and Allied Sector Agriculture
32 Raj Bir Singh Rathore, Director , UPKAR, Agriculture Deptt Agriculture Department Schemes Agriculture
33 S. S. Singh, Retd. IAS ,  Agriculture & Food Security Agriculture
34 J.P. Singh, IAS ,  Role of SDM in Agriculture Marketing & Mandi Parishad Agriculture
35 Raj Bir Singh Rathore, Dy Director General , UPKAR, Agriculture Deptt and OSD to Hon. Governor Agriculture and Allied Sector Agriculture
36 A.K. GUPTA, Advisor , Scientist G, Coord.-Climate Change Prog., DST, ND Climate Change and Human Development Disaster
37 A.P. Singh, Dean , IRITM, Lucknow History & Concept of DM with focus on Indian Railway Perspective Disaster
38 Anil Kumar Mishra, Deputy General Manager , National Rural Health Mission, State Programme Management Unit, , Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow Sanitation, Health & Hygiene-its importance & utility in Disaster Management Disaster
39 Dhananjay Shukla, Spl. Secy. Appointment , Lucknow Relief Distribution and coordination with NDRF Disaster
40 G.C. Kandpal, Geologist , Geological Survey of India, Northern Redion, Lucknow Micro Seismic Zonation of an Urban Area Disaster
41 G.D. Pandey, Dy. Director , Factories, Kanpur Hazardous Chemicals Disaster
42 G.K. Tanadon, Retd. IAS ,  Formulation of District Disaster Management Plan & Mitigation & Management of Disasters Disaster
43 I.J. Mittal, Retd., Master Trainer , GoI, New Delhi Use of Master Trainers Skills & PRA Techniques in the field of Disaster/Crisis Management Disaster
44 M.S. KHAN, Inspector , JR, Railway Protection Force Academy, Indian Railways, GoI, Lucknow Concept of Improvised Explosive (Bomb) Device and its preventive methods, Earthquake Engineering Disaster
45 Umesh Sinha, Retired IAS ,  State set up and divisional set up of administration, Board of Revenue, Election Management in India, DM in UP & Initiatives taken by the Govt, Disaster Management in India & UP Scenario. Importance of district Disaster Management Plan. Initiatives taken by the State Govt. & CRF Nor & Admissibility in the State Disaster
46 K.K. Sinha, Retd., IAS ,  Disaster Management Disaster
47 O P Singh, IPS , DGP, UP Cr.PC 154to156,156(3), 157,172to176, Communal Violence, Terrorism, Sexual Harassment of Working Women, Police Reform , An Overview on DM and DM Act, 2005 & Policy Disaster/ Law & Order
48 B P Singh, Retd. IPS ,  Disaster Management, NSA, Goonda Act & Gangster Act & Rules, Naxalite Problem in eastern U.P Issues Related to weaker section Citizen Charter Disaster Management & IR/CS & its utility in DM, Power and Responsibilities of SDM during Disaster. Issues related to Flood in eastern UP, Drought in Bundelkhand Disaster/Law & Order
49 Arvind Mohan, Professor, Economics Dept , Lucknow University Industrial Scenario of UP- Status and Constraints, Globalization of WTO Economics
50 M. K. Agarwal, Professor, Economics Dept , Lucknow University An overview of Indian Economy with special reference to U.P., Natural Resources, Human Resources of the State & Possibilities and problem of development in the state, Introduction of Economics Theory of Demand, Supply, Market Structure, Elasticity Keynesian & New Classical Approaches. Economics