U. P. Academy of Administration & Management

Frequently Asked Question

The main objective of Foundation Course is to acquaint the trainee officers with the seven principles of good governance i.e. leadership, honesty, selflessness, integrity, openness, accountability and objectivity. They are also familiarized with political, socio-economic and administrative skills and knowledge. The training is also aimed at enhancing the skills for use of e-governance tools. Inculcating ethical values in the trainee officers through lectures, group discussions and case studies. Subject related to Public Administration, Criminal and Civil Laws, Financial Procedures, Services Matter etc. are given special emphasis.

The present U.P Academy of Administration & Management is governed by a high-powered board of Governors under the Chairpersonship of the Chief Secretary of the State. The Principal Secretaries/Secretaries of various departments namely – Finance, Planning, Labor, Appointment & Personnel , Women & Child Development , Urban Development , Public Enterprises Environment etc., Managing Directors of Public Sector Undertakings and Directors of Management Institutions are the ex-officio members of the Board. A full time Director General/Director is the Executive Head of the Academy

Hon ‘ble Chief Minister laid the foundation Stone of its new campus on Feb.25, 2014 at Chak Ganjriya farm on 25.0 Acre Land as a `Stats of Art Signature Building` IN The Name Of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya State Administration & Management Academy to fulfill all Training activities of State Government officers.

Expectations regarding leave are as follows:-
  • All course activities, including classes, P.T., Yoga and extra curricular activities deemed compulsory by the course team constitute official duty for the course participants. No Officer Trainees should absent himself/herself from any of these activities.
  • Course activities have been designed in a manner in which they merge into each other. Therefore, it would not be possible to grant any leave during the course. Leave may be considered only in exceptional circumstances. Ordinarily, request for leave will not be entertained.
  • If any Trainee is not in a position to attend a session due to medical reasons, he/she shall take prior permission and submit an application for Medical Leave to Course Director and in-charge of discipline. In case of an extreme emergency requiring either bed rest of hospitalization, they should intimate it through a fellow Trainee to the Course Director. A file is maintained about trainee's state of health and all request put in by a trainee for medical leave are placed there on for record.
  • All Officer Trainees are required to reside on Campus during the entire duration of the Foundation Course. No officer Trainees shall leave the Municipal Limits of Lucknow without obtaining prior written permission from the Course Authorities, even on holidays or weekends.
  • Any absence without explicit permission would be treated as “unauthorized absence from duty” and will be dealt with as per rules, may be either in the form of negative marking, as prescribed or under the rules relating to Conduct and Discipline or both
  • Officers like qualities (OLQ)are expected be exhibited by trainees. A detailed "Code of Conduct" is provided to the OT's at start of the course. Trainee Officers must observe the code strictly

Other activities are: Village visit, Report writing, syndicate work, club & societies, extracurricular module, Essay competition.

A variety of indoor and outdoor activities is available to Officers-Trainees and are organized through various Clubs/Societies. The Clubs and Societies are run by the selected representatives of the Officers-Trainees under the overall guidance of the Director’s Nominees. The activities of the Clubs and Societies provide an excellent medium to the Officer-Trainees for self-expression and self-development. Theses activities not only enrich the Academy’s Campus life but also activate every Officer-Trainee’s desire for creative expression. All Officer-Trainees are expected to actively participate and make full use of the facilities according to their tastes and disposition. The Academy places great emphasis on these activities and they form an important basis for the end-of the-course assessment.

The Clubs and Societies will offer extra curricular activities ranging from classical music and film appreciation to skills in the fine arts such as in sketching, painting, photography etc. the extent and quality of participation in these activities will be reflected in the Director’s Assessment.

The following societies will be formed:-

The Magazine Society
The Cultural Society
The Sports Society
The Debates and Talk Society