U. P. Academy of Administration & Management

Sevottam Cell

The Sevottam Cell of the state of Uttar Pradesh is a part of UP Academy of Administration & Management Lucknow. It is funded by DARPG, New Delhi.

  • The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, GoI formulated a Quality Management System called Sevottam in 2005. Sevottam is a framework with three modules that cover all the significant aspects of public service delivery. The objective of the framework is to organize the service delivery processes in a manner that keep the needs of the service recipients as the focus. The framework empowers the service recipients with information on service delivery, and seeks to establish a quality management system that brings continual improvement in service delivery, till excellence is achieved.
  • For this, initially a Sevottam Training Cell is to be established in the ATI for a period of five years. It is expected that in five years all the department/districts/block and village level service delivery units will be trained in Sevottam.
  • DARPG will fully fund the establishment and functioning of the Sevottam Training Cell with a ceiling limit of 20 Lakh.
  • The amount of 20 lakh per year would be released as a lump sum grant, for a maximum of five years. It will be released once in 12 month after receipt of Utilization Certificate as per General Financial Rules.
  • Sevottam Cell has to organize twenty training programme per year at Academy/District/divisional levels. At Academy level in 2013-14, and 2014-15 few departments (UP Housing board, trade tax, UP fire services, Revenue and Medical & Health.), which are directly involved in service delivery were considered for Sevottam training simultaneously, master trainers were also trained so that they could impart training to others within their departments. Total 301 officers were trained within these department and 34 Master trainers were developed for disseminating training in their department. Achievement of Certification under IS 15700 would be an additional objective of the projects.